Welcome to Jason Workshop

Welcome to the Jason Workshop!

Jason Workshop was founded in May 2009 and is a small studio that is committed to producing high-quality products.

Our goal is to make people’s lives better through creative products!

Our main daily work involves developing various interesting robots, STEAM classrooms, and practical mobile apps.

We also engage in other types of creative work and try anything that is interesting.

Jason Workshop 創立於 2009 年 5 月,是一家堅持製作優質產品的微型工作室。


日常的主要工作是開發各式各樣有趣的機械人、STEAM課室以及實用的 Mobile Apps。


Additionally, you are welcome to browse Jason’s Learning Journey.

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My creations ^_^

Q1 Lite 3 is a simple bionic quadruped robot project that is easy to prepare and assemble, suitable for beginners and academies interested in robotics.

The 3DP files, programs, and assembly manuals for Q1 Lite are available for free download. We hope that more people can enjoy the experience of creating robots!

Visit https://jasonworkshop.com/q1lite for more information on Q1 Lite 3.0.