Virtually Maker Faire 2020

因應全球武漢肺炎大流行而誕生的 Virtually Maker Faire 確實是一個難得讓全世界 Maker 聚首一堂的活動,也讓從來不敢想像可以參與全球性 Maker Faire 的 Jason 也能身處其中!可以的話希望下一次能夠在一個世界回復和平與健康的情況下再跟大家交流吧!

歡迎大家來看看代表 Q1 Robot @ Jason Workshop 參展的機械人哦!

The Virtually Maker Faire, born in response to the global pandemic of Wuhan pneumonia, is indeed a rare event that brings together makers from all over the world, and also allows Jason, who never thought he could participate in the Global Maker Faire! I hope to be able to talk to you all again next time in a world where peace and health are restored!

Welcome to see the robot that represents Q1 Robot @ Jason Workshop!
(Sorry for the lack of preparation, it’s only been 11 days since I heard about this event, so I’m in a hurry)

Q1 lite 3 Quadruped Robot 四足機械獸

Q1 cat 機動萌貓

Q1 bird 金翅雲鳥

Q1 cube series core

Q1 arm 機械臂

Q1 brave 拆彈車