About us

Jason Workshop founded in May 2009, is a mini studio that insists on many quality products.

The goal is to make everyone’s life better through our creative products!

Jason Workshop 創立於 2009 年 5 月,是一家堅持製作優質產品的微型工作室。


日常的主要工作是開發各式各樣有趣的機械人及實用的 Mobile Apps。


Jason LeungChief Designer

Interested in robot design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and mobile application development.

Over ten years of experience in teaching extracurricular activities and interest classes, including: DIY workshops for robots, 3D modeling, electronic experiments, creative Lego robots, magic, balloon modeling, juggling, paper model making, photography classes, etc …

In recent years, I have worked hard to promote STEAM education, and I hope that adults and children can also experience the fun of robots.



近年努力推廣 STEAM 教育,期望大人小朋友也能體驗各種創作的樂趣。